| The Freedom Diaries: Part I
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29 May The Freedom Diaries: Part I


We travelled west and south, and then north and west (and sometimes east) from Toronto to San Francisco.


Days on the Road


KMs Travelled


States We Drove Through



Getting through U.S. customs without any hassle; Blue Ridge Parkway vistas; hearing “Georgia” sung a capella at Preservation Hall in New Orleans; incredible hiking at Buckskin Gulch; drinking Mexican coffee (a.k.a tequila) with our new friends Herb & Chris at Lone Rock Beach, Lake Powell; eavesdropping on a wedding proposal at Delicate Arch (so romantic!); getting to San Francisco and finding that our rented apartment actually existed.



Northern Pennsylvania (snowy in April, heartbreakingly poor and terribly depressing); one seriously bad case of poison ivy; not eating a beignet in New Orleans; driving miles and miles to see Spiral Jetty, almost running out of gas on the way, walking for 3 miles to try and find it, losing Nellie (twice) along the way to the rabbits, and then realizing that the damn thing is underwater this time of year (and that what is visible can be seen from the parking lot).


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