| Sayonara San Francisco
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27 Aug Sayonara San Francisco




And then it was time to go.

It’s been a little over a week since we left our adopted city behind, but already there are some things that I miss about that foggy borough by the sea. The closer the Great Lakes become, the more nostalgic I am for good food, culture, the ocean.

What do I miss? To name a few things, in no particular order: the Sourdough, the coffee (especially Philz and Ritual), Chez Panisse, Alamo Square dog park, the beach, burritos, Tapatio on every table, new friends, Bolinas Ridge, the rolling hills, (OK, make that most of Marin County), Casey’s pizza truck, bookstores, hippies, amazing design, funky people. Did I mention burritos?

Not missing: lines for restaurants, up hills, the horrible street parking, traffic, the weather, ticks (ugh), living in someone else’s house.

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