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23 Nov Rough consensus and running code


In case there was any doubt, grad school is a tough gig. Case in point, this is my first blog post on this huge life change, and the first term is almost over. (Two more weeks has become my mantra today.) In fact there are no less than three assignments and a program application I should be working on RIGHT NOW. Grad school necessitates All Caps frequently.

Grad school also lends itself to information overload, especially in my chosen program the Masters of Information. As if the name didn’t give it away, I have spent the past three months immersed in studying the ways in which information is disseminated via systems and technology, absorbed by society, manipulated by capitalist forces, embraced and rejected by culture.

Two of my courses have blogs, so if you’re curious about what one studies in order to become a Master of Information (to get the full effect, you have to say that last part in a deep, James Earl Jones-esq voice), check out the blogs for Knowledge Media Design: Fundamental Concepts and Knowledge, Information in Society (some of this content is password protected, sorry). Lots of awesome links on both blogs to a whole range of topics – design, culture, tech and more.

A word about the title of this blog post. It comes from the Internet Engineering Task Force (who do incredibly important work!) to describe its working group process. The term came up in my Info in Society class, and I love the way it sounds; I find it an oddly poetic phrase.

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