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12 Oct Food for thought


The blogosphere holds a veritable bonanza of topics. From the intricacies of typesetting to the joy of container gardening, from Shaker furniture design to the musical proclivities of eighteenth-century courtesans, you can bet that someone is writing about it. But certain topics seem to invite a proliferation of blogs — like cooking, or more precisely, food.

Our ancient obsession with food has mated with blogging and microblogging and social media whatnots,  to create a tidal wave of interactive foodies. They’re unstoppable, and really, we don’t want them to stop.  These sites have elevated food lust to a new level.

Warning, these blogs may induce uncontrolled snacking.

Tastespotting. This website bills itself as a “community driven visual potluck.” Need I say more? Amazing photos, and delicious ideas abound.

FoodWhore gets a mention for its awesome name. It’s a collection of recipes from other sites. As far as I can tell, the only recipe criteria is tastiness.

One of the most beautiful sites out there is cannelle et vanille. The author is a Basque ex-pat, and the blog definitely retains a European sophistication (look at the photos – you’ll see what I mean. Linen napkins, and a lovely muted colour palette.) All of the recipes are gluten free, but many of them seem easy to make.

Another pretty one to check out is Orangette, and here the pictures are accompanied by some lovely words too.

Hat tip to Gwenyth and Goop for the last two blogs. The picture above is of my recent foodie ambitions, pickled beans!

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