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25 Jun Dial-a-Story adorableness


On a recent trip to my local public library I spotted this flyer on the announcement board outside.

There’s something about slightly antiquated, but really endearing about this ’service.’ In an age where everything is online, this is taking a step back in technological time. It’s also a little more egalitarian – it’s possible that a family might not have a computer. But a phone? Most likely.

The list of languages offered is also pretty impressive. I think only in Toronto would you find a story reading service offered in 11 languages – one of them being Gujarati, which I had to look up. (And little did ignorant old me know, but it’s spoken by 46.1 million people, and was Gandhi’s first language.)

I do wonder how often Dial-a-Story gets used, but I still like the idea. (I did spend a lot – and I mean a lot – of time listening to stories on cassette tape as a kid, so that might explain my affinity for recorded voices.)

If you live in Toronto, and need to entertain some antsy (low-tech) kids, or are hankering for the good old days when people sat around and told each other stories, then give it a try. (And leave a comment letting me know how it goes!)

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