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01 Jun Buckskin Gulch Adventuring

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A few notes: Buckskin Gulch is part of Paria Canyon, which crosses Utah-Arizona border. Buckskin is the longest slot canyon in the US, but as we didn’t have several days to follow its 47-mile route, we did a quick day hike instead, entering the canyon part way at Wire Pass, and then backtracking.

To get to Buckskin Gulch, you follow a rough dirt road into the middle of nowhere, til you reach the parking lot and trailhead. From there it’s a mile and a half hike through a wash (i.e. a dry creek bed), and then into Wire Pass, which is a really narrow slot canyon (only a few feet wide in places) leading to Buckskin proper.

Being in the desert was brilliant and it was hard. – Toni Collette

When describing an adventure like this, it’s difficult to convey the intensity of the heat, the harshness of the landscape, and the incredible beauty of the desert without resorting to profound and solemn language and ultimately sounding like you got too much sun.

But why fight it? Hiking in a canyon like Buckskin is a profound experience – it makes you realize how small, fragile, and totally insignificant you are compared to the endless miles of sand and sage brush, and the immense, impassive, walls of red rock towering above you.

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